The Communists in the Czech Republic are threatening not to support the new government

Комуністи в Чехії погрожують не підтримати новий уряд

Communist party of Bohemia threatens not to support the new government during a vote in Parliament the candidacy of the foreign Minister from the social Democrats.

This was stated by the Communist leader Wojtek Filip, reports “European true” with reference to Euractiv.

The Czech government has agreed to form a movement ANO Prime Minister Andrei Babe and the Social democratic party. However, these parties do not have enough MPs for a majority in Parliament and obtain a vote of confidence is necessary to support Pro-Russian Communists.

The social Democrats have offered for the post of foreign Minister’s candidacy Miroslav Poche, member of the European Parliament from the group of S&D. However, he spoke out against President miloš Zeman and the Communists.

The President, who appoints the Ministers, and the Communists claim that More than voted in the European Parliament in favour of penalties for countries-EU members that do not accept migrants on the European quota. The list of such countries includes the Czech Republic.

WH has denied this statement, and the official voting data actually confirm that he voted against.

Babs Sunday held a meeting with Zeman and presented him the list of Ministers, in which was the candidate More. After the meeting, he said the President will meet with WH and the other candidates.

Babs intends to make to the agenda of Parliament the issue of vote of confidence July 11.

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