The collapse of currencies in Ukraine will not, the rate will not fall below 27 hryvnia to the dollar – the banker

Обвала валют в Украине не будет, курс не упадет ниже 27 гривен за доллар - банкир

Today there is a large demand for the dollar among Ukrainians.

Such opinion during the press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” expressed the former Deputy head of the NBU Yaroslav Soltis.

The hryvnia will not fall below 27 UAH per dollar, said the banker.

“Today there is a large demand for the dollar. When there is a gamble that the dollar will fall, people with 100-150 thousand UAH, running to change them to currency. But if you have 50 thousand UAH to buy the dollar is not necessary. We now believe the national currency, which is now stable,” – said J. Soltis.

According to the former Deputy head of the NBU, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine has the right not to listen to those who tell him what he needs to do, as written in the Constitution. If Ya resin will behave, the hryvnia will be stable.

“With regard to the new method of calculation of the exchange rate, the single body that sets and controls the hryvnia, the national Bank of Ukraine. The national Bank is doing everything right, and the collapse of currencies will not. Under the new methodology, the NBU cut off most inaccurate courses. As you know, the real rate of the economy depends on the exchange rate of the hryvnia. However, I believe the wrong step of the National Bank of the fact that in Ukraine a high interest rate. That’s what the Bank is doing wrong, allowing you to earn on securities”, – concluded J. Soltis.

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