The coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko: there were mistakes, but the game was positive news ZIK.UA

Тренер збірної України Андрій Шевченко: Були помилки, але гру оцінюю позитивно – новини ZIK.UA

Head coach of Ukrainian football Andriy Shevchenko held a press conference after a victorious match (1:0) national team of the Czech Republic in the League of Nations UEFA in Kharkiv.

– I want to thank the fans for their support, for creating a wonderful atmosphere, which was very nice to play, started dealing with the press Andriy Shevchenko. – Sure, the match was watched by the whole country. It’s nice that we managed to achieve the desired result.

– How do you assess the team’s play, all steps were performed?

Game evaluate very positively, although in some moments mistakes were made, especially in the first half. But overall, the team controlled the game. I wish we added to the end of attacks, because, with such chance when the score was 1:0, it is necessary to bring the match to the nerve endings. We had enough chances to score a second time, then it would be much easier. After all, you can skip after the free kick, corner…

– Ukraine – one of the few teams who score maximum points after three matches in the League of Nations. Doesn’t it indicate the weakness of the group?

– The teams are distributed according to their level. If you remember the first match against the Czechs, and today, they were heavy. Victory does not come easily to us. The opponent looked good, but we surpassed it in speed and won deservedly. In the first game the Czechs scored the decisive goal in the last minute. The group is not easy for us. We create a team, moving forward. For our current level is good rivals. I am grateful to the players. The direction that we have chosen, aged. Changing for the better the quality of the game. There is a result. But we are only half way.

– How do you assess goal Malinovsky?

Is the classic goal of a good midfielder. He took the right position, created space for themselves, got the ball, it correctly handled… Ruslan is a great goal but the whole team were brilliant, creating such a moment.

– What are your plans for the next match, or give the opportunity to play different players?

– We can’t look so far. The players return to their clubs, will participate in various tournaments. When it is determined the application for subsequent matches, we will see who is in what condition will be.

– The team held in Kharkov five days. Did it favor?

– Time for preparation was enough. We intentionally formed the calendar so. Date of the game with the Italians we fully accept. Players rested. But I always want more time. I have time to get bored at work when I’m not with the team.

– Don’t you plan another gathering in Kharkov on the eve of a friendly match with Turkey in the river?

– We are now studying possible locations. Most likely, we will gather in the river, and before the game with Slovakia will be preparing in Kiev.

– The team haven’t played in Kiev. Will the team to play matches in the capital during the UEFA Euro 2020?

– Yes, of course. We really want to return to the capital and to play in front of the Kiev audience.

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