The coach josé Morais: “Alexandria” – this is a Mature team – news ZIK.UA

Тренер «Карпат» Жозе Мораіш: «Олександрія» – це вже зріла команда – новини ZIK.UA

Head coach of FC Karpaty Lviv Jose Morais told about the staffing situation in the team and shared his thoughts on Sunday’s match against Oleksandriya.

“The team is optimistic. So, this week we have a complicated opponent, but we are also seriously working every day in the future when I want to show good results.

We always prepare a team to receive three points is our goal. With her we go to the match. And the pause period we used in order to improve certain aspects of the game.

About “Alexandria, I can say that it is already a Mature team that constantly waits for the right moment. They play well as through long and short passes. They have experienced and talented players. However, like all teams, they sometimes lack concentration. And in football for 90 minutes need to be alert and to use every situation that arises, to create scoring chances.

William de Camargo is not yet able to help us. He is already doing individually, but I will not do – it is the prerogative of our doctors”, – quotes Jose Moriche Information center of FC “Karpaty”.

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