The cleaners do not need: invented a robot to clean the toilets (VIDEO)

Уборщицы не понадобятся: изобретен робот для уборки туалетов (ВИДЕО)

Laboratory Homer from the German University of Koblenz-Landau presented the first toilet cleaning robot. It is built on the basis of the manipulator TIAGo, attached two sponges: they the robot can be used for cleaning the toilet and use them as a grip to lift objects. Development was presented at the World Robot Summit in Japan.

It is reported by IEEE Spectrum.

Robotic cleaners are already developed enough in the field of automated assistants. However, most of them focus on the manipulation of objects: their main task — to collect the garbage or to place objects in places. In order to wash the floors and wipe the dust from the surface of the robot needs to be taught proper interaction with a cleaning item or to narrow down its functions.

When you design your robot the German engineers decided to combine the two approaches. They provided the robot manipulator TIAGo two jaws, which, while not limiting the freedom of movement: the robot can use its “hand” to grip even with them. The main task of their robot — cleaned toilet. Using the built-in camera will recognize the toilet seat and uses a sponge to clean it.

During the conference, the World Summit Robot the robot cleaners had to demonstrate their skills when cleaning the bathroom. On the ground splashed water and scattered debris: passing the test was considered successful if the system will collect all the debris and will remove 80 percent of the liquid. Robot Homer has successfully coped with the task.

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