The Cabinet for the sake tranche of the IMF will agree to raise the price of gas by 50%.

Кабмин ради транша  МВФ согласится поднять цену на газ на 50% - эксперт

The Cabinet of Ministers for a tranche of the International monetary Fund (IMF) will agree to raise the price of gas for households by 50%.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political analyst Alexei Yakubina.

“The price of gas will rise. Already there were three signals for this reason. The first Prime Minister Groysman began to prepare the society to higher gas prices. This suggests that an agreement on the price formula for gas has been achieved. Plus you said the head “Naftogaz” KOBOLEV that there is an agreement with the IMF about the price of gas. The key question – what will be the formula, now there are about seven versions. One of the last – to break the rise of gas prices in several stages. In particular, until the end of the current year by 25%, and in 2019 to increase by another 25%. Anyway, this is a very high price. Worth remembering the fate of ex-Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who thought to feast on the growth of tariffs”,- said A. Yakubina.

He noted that the IMF may not make concessions to Ukraine in part to the fact that they provide no tranche commitments made by the government.

“In addition, the IMF may not make concessions to Ukraine due to the fact that last year the government promised to raise the price of gas, but after the receipt of the tranche, never did. I do not exclude that, think a second time to repeat the same “trick”. Will it be possible to do it – I’m not sure because the Fund already learned past experience. Second, the conditions that the Cabinet has agreed with the IMF, is not profitable for Ukraine. The next tranche we just shut off the loans that were taken before, in Economics money is not forthcoming. In fact, the IMF money from one pocket shifted to another”,- summed A. Yakubina.

We will remind, the government agreed with the IMF to gradually increase gas prices to the level of import parity until 2020.

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