The budget shortfall at 16 billion related to the lack of tax revenue – the economist

Недовыполнение бюджета на 16 миллиардов гривен связанно с дефицитом налоговых поступлений – экономист

The budget shortfall at 16 billion related primarily to a deficit in tax revenues.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said economist Boris Kushniruk.

“Though the budget shortfall is the case, but it is not critical. The reason, primarily tax revenues. And customs”, – said the economist.

“There is another factor that is associated with the fact that the average rate, which were laid in the state budget in 2018, the approximately 29.2 hryvnia per dollar. And he was with us this year less. We have a lot of payments tied to the rate on imports. Thus, relatively speaking, from imports, received less money than he could get,” he said.

Recall, the state budget of Ukraine in January-November of 2018 received 843,133 billion hryvnia profits that 16,217 billion, or 1.9%, below the planned target for this period.

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