The body language expert commented on Victoria Beckham’s family photos

The body language expert commented on Victoria Beckham's family photos
The body language expert commented on Victoria Beckham’s family photos
44-year-old Victoria Beckham often publishes family photos in Instagram. Attentive users of the network even noticed that the mother of four children especially often uploads photos on which she hugs her eldest son, the 19-year-old Brooklyn. Body language expert Judy James explained that Victoria used to post similar images with her husband David before – to prove that they have a happy family (against the backdrop of rumors of her husband’s numerous changes).

If you analyze the postures and gestures of Victoria, then she makes it clear that she assumed the role of a link in the family. Previously, on many photos, their emotions seemed one-sided. David usually sits with a “poker face”, and Victoria lovingly embraces his hands, looks him in the face, as if trying to get his attention. Now that the older son of Brooklyn is becoming more independent, the designer, like, is completely focused on him.

According to Judy, in most of her pictures with Brooklyn Victoria poses in such a way that it allows him to remain the main one in the frame, and it is located behind.

It seems she looks quite happy. Victoria is ready to go into the background and proudly introduce her son to the world. He often stands in the frame in the foreground, he looks manly and very grown up. Previously, Brooklyn posed, bending his head on his shoulder, thereby emphasizing a strong connection with his mother.

Although many teenagers find it embarrassing to pose on Mom’s shoulder, Brooklyn does not seem to have such thoughts. The expert noted that the young man looks as happy in the photo as his mother. The designer’s gestures indicate her fear of letting her son go free swimming.

Recently insiders said that Victoria was incredibly happy when Brooklyn finally returned home from New York in July this year after finishing a four-week photography course at the world-famous design school. The son of a football legend and former soloist Spice Girls missed the house and wanted to come to the UK as quickly as possible. As it turned out, he even postponed the internship with a respected British photographer.

Victoria was delighted with these joyous news and could not restrain emotions. She wanted Brooklyn to live with her again under one roof. She told her friends that she was going mad about how she missed him and could not wait to meet,
– said the source.

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