The bodies of the pilots of the crashed su-27 in Vinnytsia region still looking for (VIDEO)

Тела пилотов рухнувшего Су-27 в Винницкой области ещё ищут (ВИДЕО)

There are new details from the crash site of the Ukrainian su-27 crashed on 16 October during the international military exercise “clear sky-2018” in Vinnytsia region.

About it reports “TSN”.

Earlier it was reported that the second pilot of the crew who died in the fall of the Ukrainian su-27 in Vinnytsia region was the pilot of the Air forces of the national guard of the United States. American diplomats have already arrived at the place of death of its citizens.

There in the field behind the village the giant crater from the crash. Its diameter is more than ten meters. The whole funnel and place around it is covered with small fragments of the fighter – large parts of the plane at the crash site not yet found. Also looking for part of the bodies of the pilots.

At the immediate causes of the fall of the fighter, now there are many versions, and probably something to tell you after examination.

Military pilots with whom he served the lost commander of crew of the su-27 Ivan Petrenko, in the version of pilot error do not believe Petrenko was a very experienced pilot, and the flight was simple.

Recall that on October 16 in Vinnytsia region as a result of the crash of the su-27 during the international military exercise “clear sky – 2018” killed two pilots.

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