The bloody Month: Ukrainians will see the longest in the twenty-first century lunar Eclipse

July 27, 2018 the inhabitants of the Earth will record the time to observe a lunar Eclipse, during which the satellite will acquire a dark shade of red.

It is reported 20 minutes.

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This Eclipse will be the longest full lunar Eclipse in the XXI century. Overall duration: about 103 minutes. The start time of the cosmic spectacle will depend on the time of sunrise and sunset of the moon at different points of the globe.

On the territory of Ukraine to observe this phenomenon will be a few hours. Citizens will be able to see it from 20:30 to 22:30. After that, the Moon will pass through Earth’s shadow and the full phase will be completed.

It is noted that lunar Eclipse may affect human health. During this phenomenon the body is exposed to a special load on the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, the frequency of strokes and heart attacks in the period of lunar eclipses increases. In addition, the Eclipse can affect the mental state of man and his nervous system so important decisions in this period is not recommended.

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