The analyst found propaganda leaflets in the premises of the UOC-MP is an attempt of political pressure

Политолог: найденные агитационные листовки в помещениях УПЦ МП – попытка  политического давления

Found propaganda leaflets in the premises of the UOC-MP is an attempt of political pressure on the Church hierarchy.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“If you ask for, you can find anything and anyone. For four years the priests of the UOC-MP has never been found. During this time was not serious and legal justifications for the UOC-MP. It was nothing advanced, none of the priests was punished for its support of separatism, and for other violations of Ukrainian legislation. Accordingly all that takes place today two weeks before the “unification” of the Cathedral in the background of the crisis between the UOC MP and President Poroshenko outright conflict and in the background of the election campaign looks like an attempt of political pressure on the structure of the Church”,- said R. Bortnik.

He stressed that the presence of flyers from priests, initially looks politicized and falsified.

Recall that during searches in the buildings of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, members of the security Service of Ukraine and the National police discovered an organized distribution network of “inciting religious hatred”.

Were seized brochures and leaflets, the contents of which “has signs of incitement to religious and sectarian strife”.

Thus, it was found 75 copies of the brochure “Ukrainian Orthodox Church: relations with the state. The attitude of the ATO and the Church split. Questions and answers”.

“According to the expert of the Ukrainian scientific-research Institute of technical and legal expertise – this edition “includes the promotion of religious intolerance… offends the feelings of citizens in connection with their religious beliefs, fueling sectarian religious enmity and hatred,” – said in a statement.

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