The analyst explained how the discussion in the Parliament initiated by the President of martial law has identified “enemies of the state” among MPs

Политолог пояснил, как обсуждение в Раде инициированного президентом военного положения выявило «врагов государства» среди нардепов

The vote in the Verkhovna Rada on the introduction initiated by the President Petro Poroshenko martial law in the Ukraine have demonstrated, one of the deputies really cares about the combat capability of the country, and who are only interested in their own PR.

This opinion on his page in Facebook was expressed by the blogger, political analyst Svetlana Kushnir.

Политолог пояснил, как обсуждение в Раде инициированного президентом военного положения выявило «врагов государства» среди нардепов

“The Parliament yesterday, more than five hours considering the introduction of martial law in the state. It was clearly evident, as a delayed discussion, we saw, to whom the subject served as the backdrop for political PR, but who really cares about national defense and the protection of its borders, in advance of trying to counter possible provocations and invasion, think about the security of citizens,” Kushnir wrote.

Note that those who cared about self-promotion, allowed himself to even attempt to blackmail the President, as you can see in the video broadcast of the extraordinary session of the Rada. But Poroshenko had demonstrated standing and has fulfilled its primary task – to protect the country even in such difficult conditions of parliamentary sabotage.

According to expert opinion Svetlana Kushnir, the President made the right decision, as the threat of a Russian invasion in the last days intensified.

“Russia is building up its military forces on the border with Ukraine. Talked about this and some of the Cabinet Ministers and intelligence. The enemy pulls to the Ukrainian border armored vehicles, tanks, already has about 500 combat aircraft and over 340 helicopters, significantly increased the number of troops, military units relocating from other locations,” – said the expert.

In her view, the escalation of the conflict in the sea of Azov had a good chance to pass in the active phase of confrontation.

“Probably for the first time Ukraine, as the military say, worked to advance the decree Poroshenko on the introduction of the NSDC decision on VP consolidated multidirectional opinions in Parliament and in society, made it clear that we are ready to confront a ground operation, ready to defend. Nor was the President able to protect the country. I don’t even want to imagine the situation if he had ignored the information about the threat. Let’s not forget that our boats and 23 sailors are in captivity, there are wounded, they should be returned. A lot of work. Hard work”, – said the analyst.

She noted that the rapid and clear response of Ukraine to the provocation of Moscow, probably came as a surprise to the Russian leadership.

“The provocation of the Kremlin’s seizure of our ships by us promptly repulsed, card matted, mobilization and military potential happened. And this, I think, the Russian authorities do not expect. And Yes, it is very difficult, but we defeated their mentality (“where two Ukrainians – there are three hetmans”), and made the right decision. Complex. Our. About us and for us!” concluded Svetlana Kushnir.

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