The activity of NABU increased, but it is selective, and is unlikely to come before the actual “landing” – the political scientist

Активность НАБУ повысилась, но она избирательная, и вряд ли дойдет до реальных «посадок» - политолог

The arguments of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) is enough to remove Ministers from the National Front, but they are not enough to ensure that someone really put.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA said political analyst Nikolai Spiridonov.

“Now NABOO interested in beginning top officials Ministers: Omelyan, Petrenko, for example. But with all the selectivity of the top officials of the popular Front, and not from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko. Accordingly, it is very similar to the persecution of supporters from the BPP. Because the team was made only on the Ministers from the NF,” – said the analyst.

According to N. Spiridonova, we can say that activity has increased, but it is selective, and it is unlikely to reach the actual “landing”.

“Most likely, NABOO begins that would remove the person from his Ministerial chair. And when that happens, usually a criminal case is gradually “smoothed” because of the lack of sufficiently convincing (argument – Ed.) in order to put someone. Therefore, the visible public relations activity is increasing, but the actual results we are unlikely to see,” he said.

We will remind, the Solomensky district court of Kyiv decided to give the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan on bail. The guarantors made by the Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov and the people’s Deputy from “popular front” Fyodor, Bandurenko.

Earlier it was reported that the Solomensky district court of Kiev began consideration of the measure Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan. On the eve of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine announced the Omelyan suspicion of illicit enrichment and concealment of income. According to investigators, he for the last eighteen years has been 2.17 million hryvnia official income and that his expenses only in the period from 2008 to 26.04.2015 was at least a 3.45 million.

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