TAYANNA: about relationships with men, the role of women, the concert of Beyoncé and his first tour

TAYANNA: about relationships with men, the role of women, the concert of Beyoncé and his first tour
TAYANNA: about relationships with men, the role of women, the concert of Beyoncé and his first tour
The other day the premiere of the new hit “Singer of the Year” TAYANNA – “Fantastic Woman”. The song has already won the hearts of many listeners.

In an interview today. Lifestyle TAYANNA spoke about the problem of discrimination against women, its typical day, the tour “Lelya”, the concert of Beyonce and much more.

– When and how did you write the song “Fantastic Woman”? What inspired you to create it?

– The song “Fantastic Woman” was not written for someone specific. This phrase just came to me and I realized that it can be dedicated to every woman, not only in our country, but all over the world. I believe that a woman is an unearthly creature. If she loves, she already loves her whole life, so men do not know how.

Our women in Ukraine can do everything – and earn money, and look after children, and love men, and do business, achieve success, they are so strong and diverse, but at the same time so fragile. It seemed to me that the song would sound like a hymn to such women. After the premiere of the track, a lot of women wrote to me that when they listen to the song, they really start to feel fantastic. They even sing it every morning to their husbands. My message concerns not only women, but also men. Many men wrote to me that thanks to the song they understood with what they live a diamond, real happiness – their loving woman. After all, love is a special feeling, it comes to those people who want it and deserve it.

– In your Instagram, you started the challenge. How did the idea of ​​its creation come and what is its main goal?

– I want to draw attention to the song, so that everyone can join in and feel fantastic. So that each woman will show what talents she has, the purpose in life. Therefore, women make videos and talk about themselves. In the end, that was just fun. To our flash mob were joined by Katya Silchenko, Liza Yurusheva, Arevik Arzurmanova, Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Polina Nenya, Tanya Ruban, Tanya Terekhova and many others.

– In the context of the “fantastic woman”, you wrote that you have a lot of time. How is your typical day? What time do you get up? What you are doing?

– We get up with my son at six in the morning, go running, he goes on a bicycle, and I follow him. Then we make exercises at home, have breakfast. Later the nurse comes, and if not – I take my son everywhere with me. If we talk about the standard day, then there must be sports, choreography, classes in acting, vocals, studio, rehearsals. The days are usually loaded, I even eat in the car. I come home late. With the son we read “Harry Potter” or watch the film. But, in general, every day is different. I do not have such days that I lay around at home and do nothing. It was only when Daniel was ill.

– In Hollywood, now actively discussing the protection of women’s rights, the role of women in the world. In particular, a movement against violence and humiliation was created. Have you personally faced discrimination and disregard for yourself, as a woman?

– I did not develop with men before, in particular with my ex-husband. That’s why I know how it is like nobody else, when you are underestimated and considered nobody when you are used, because you love, which means that you can “twist” anything. I know how painful and unpleasant it is when a person is killed in you. Probably all these situations made me strong and made a woman who has enough information and enough motivation to tell other women about it to support them, inspire them. That’s why I compose all these songs, most of which are dedicated to women.

You can never look back into the past and do not need to look for happiness in someone, happiness is in you. It’s great when you met your “soul mate” and you are well together, you go together in life. But to be unhappy and to wait for someone who comes and saves you is not necessary. So I realized that all the men in my life, underestimating me, were given to me so that I could understand that I was a person. I am a woman and I can help others with the help of my songs.

– In your opinion, how to help this topic develop in Ukraine? And should it be developed?

It seems to me that it is necessary, one hundred percent. In a society, someone can not be weaker, but someone stronger. There must be equality – energy, mental. Of course, a woman must know her functions, and a man must have his own. But, it is impossible to humiliate women, by force or by their importance. This is a profound topic, psychology. In men, degrading women, there are psychological trauma. They want to show their worth. This is how their complexes are expressed. Therefore, this issue should reach the level of the state. There must be certain institutions or organizations where a woman who, for example, beats an alcoholic husband, could seek help. We have many such women who live and are afraid to seek help. I, for example, have a family on the next floor and we hear cries of both the child and mothers. It is heard that they are being beaten. I already called the police several times, but she could not help. There are a lot of such situations. A woman should feel that she has support.

– How can you describe the concepts of “a real man and a” real woman “?

– For me, these are harmonious, full-fledged and strong personalities who can bring something to the world – emotions, love, some kind of information. They have their own mission, they do not depend on anyone and do not doubt what they do in life. They dream a lot and achieve what they want.

– In the comments on YouTube many have written that he has already added your song “Fantastic Woman” to his playlist. And what about the playlist you have?

– I love different music, but, to be honest, I listen to her a little, since she already has enough in my life (smiles). When it’s time to rest, I just turn everything off and listen to silence, because in it, in fact, more information than in music. But if I want to listen to something, it depends on the mood. I love Beyonce, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Tina Turner. Like Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Maroon 5.

– Are you planning a video for the song?

– It has already been filmed, the director of the video was Alan Badoev. They shot a video in Portugal, on the beach. The premiere is scheduled for mid-August.

– In the comments to the song there were also many reviews from Poland, Portugal and other countries. Do not plan a European tour?

– I have a dream to go to the world tour, to collect stadiums (laughs). So I think about it. I do not organize concerts, but I can only want them. If there are organizers in Europe, ready to invite me – I will gladly go. Because “our people are everywhere” and it seems to me that they are bored by Ukrainian music.

– Recently you had your first tour – “Lelya”. What was remembered? Were there any difficulties?

– I really enjoyed it, especially since it was my first tour. I was very worried, I lost five kilograms in the first week. On the one hand, you get tired physically – you go on the bus, do not sleep, do not eat, an hour and a half concert, then an interview and so on. But, on the other hand, when you step on the stage, you are so emotionally charged, there is an exchange of energy with the audience. After the concert, I had more strength and energy than before. Therefore, I did not sleep, after the speech, I could not fall asleep, adrenaline went off scale. I really enjoyed the tour, and I want to go to one more, bigger one.

– In July you visited Italy and visited the concert of Beyonce. Share emotions. Did you like it?

“No words to convey my emotions.” It’s like a real explosion, and you can not say anything. So strong a team, true professionals. You watch the concert and catch yourself thinking that you want the same. I saw the whole concert in each room: here I would have the same backing vocalists, the same ballet, and also all these musicians. So all is cool.

– It seems to me that Beyoncé goes to every concert and just kicks, she does not worry about how the drummer will play, how the sound engineer works. It’s not like we usually do: you go out to a concert and you can not relax, because you think – if only the pianist did not get lost, the remote did not turn off, the ballet did not forget the movement. And Beyoncé is so clear. MONATIK is approaching this level. Of course, not on this scale, but he is actively working. In addition to him, Max Barskih. What is only worth his massive show “Fogs”, which was presented last fall. Almost a year has passed, and Max is already preparing for a new show “Seven” in the ICC. These are Ukrainian artists, on the show of which I want to be equal.

– Where would you like to go to travel?

– There is no specific country. I want to travel the whole world. I want to see icebergs, polar bears or go to Zimbabwe and sing with their locals their national songs.

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