Symonenko: When loans from the IMF to talk about the political and economic sovereignty of Ukraine is not necessary

Симоненко: При кредитах от МВФ говорить о политическом и экономическом суверенитете Украины не приходится

IMF loans are deepening external dependence of Ukraine and restrict the political and economic sovereignty of the state.

Such opinion to the correspondent of ГолосUA was expressed by the leader of the Left forces of Ukraine Petro Symonenko, commenting on the preparation of the budget of Ukraine for the year 2019.

“Income and expenditure must be balanced. Only policy change that will allow growth of income through wage growth and a severe control over the prices and quality of goods and products, will make possible this balance. Otherwise, it will further destroy the industrial potential of the country. To talk about the Ukrainian budget and national interests have very clearly and firmly to hold the line for the protection of the Ukrainian manufacturer. On the one hand, we have worn out fixed assets, nothing to make, and on the other hand more than 80% of the market is non-Ukrainian products. How then to draw this budget? Again, loans from the IMF to take and stand with outstretched hand? So this will lead again to a tremendous according. To talk about the economic and political sovereignty no prospects”, – said P. Symonenko.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced that the EU macro-financial assistance, should do in the coming weeks. It will be provided in collaboration with the IMF.

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