Symonenko goes to the President: approved the election program of the candidate

Симоненко идет в Президенты: одобрена предвыборная программа кандидата

December 1, held a joint Plenum of the Central Committee and Central Control Commission of the Communist party of Ukraine, which reviewed the future of the presidential election campaign of 2019.

It is reported by the press service of the politician Petro Symonenko.

The participants of the Plenum said that the presidential elections in 2019 will take place in a particularly complex political and socio-economic environment, which led to anti-national internal and external policy of the current government.

During the plenary it was stated that the domestic economy is in a shambles amid the loss of traditional markets.

“As a result of continuous growth of prices for housing and communal services, medicines, products, and commodities catastrophically deteriorating life standards of the citizens. The country is losing its political and economic independence, under external control, the US and its satellites. Totally dependent on IMF loans and other Western creditors. In 2019 to pay off debt should be spent 40% of the state budget. Greatly reduced financing subsidies for the population, construction of schools, hospitals, kindergartens,” – the press service quoted the words of Peter Simonenko.

Plenary participants also drew attention to an emerging social divisions in Ukraine, which constantly aggravates the contradiction in ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious issues.

Speakers also pointed to the fact that the country’s leadership continues to ignore the points of the Minsk agreements – a document designed to stop the conflict in the Donbas.

“The imposition of martial law by decree of Peter Poroshenko, approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, creating a real threat of full-scale war, an even greater violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens, strengthening of repression against opposition forces. Citizens in mass hate through a corrupt government, credibility to all branches of which does not exceed 10-15%. On the agenda stood the question of the removal of this anti-people regime from power” – said Peter Simonenko.

Also during the plenary adopted a resolution on support for the participation of the Communist candidate in the presidential elections.

“Given the proposals of the Communists, expressed during the discussion of the position of the party in the presidential election of 2019, the joint Plenum of the Central Committee and Central control Commission recommended that the 53 rd extraordinary Congress of the Communist party to nominate a Presidential candidate of Ukraine from Communist party of Ukraine first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Communist party Simonenko, Peter Nikolayevich,” – said the press service.

Also approved were the draft election program of the candidate in Presidents from Communist party of Ukraine “Peace in Donbass! War and corruption! Ukraine – people!”

“Regional and local party committees are required to discuss the draft program at meetings of the Bureau, the meeting of party activists, when conducting a reporting-electoral meetings in the primary organizations. The Presidium of the Central Committee requested to compile suggestions of party committees on the contents of the draft election Program and submit it for approval to the extraordinary 53rd Congress of the Communist party. The plenary supported the initiative of Communists of Kherson and Izyum city, Lanecove of the district party committees to raise funds for a cash Deposit in the election Fund of the candidate in Presidents of Ukraine from Communist party of Ukraine. The joint Plenum of the Central Committee and Central control Commission decided to convene an extraordinary 53rd Congress of the Communist party of Ukraine on 3 January 2019 in Kiev to submit for its consideration “On the nomination of the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine”, – said the press service.

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