Swan left his flock for the sake of the men who saved him

Лебедь бросил свою стаю ради мужчины, который его спас

In the UK, Swan returned to their Savior, voluntarily giving up life in the wild.

It is reported 24news.com.ia.

A UK resident Rob Adamson found a little Lebedenko when he was a day old. The chick was seriously wounded in his neck, the man discovered two deep wounds. To give a feathered life, Rob took Lebedenko home. Chick quickly adapted to the house Adamson: with the Savior slept in the same bed and made friends with his dog. Once the bird was big, Rob decided to release her into the wild. For help the man turned to the representatives of the Royal society for the protection of animals. But over time Adamson came the reply request. Experts wanted to get Swan back. After all, he is very bored and refuses to join the flock. Of course, Rob couldn’t leave the friend and gladly returned to his home.

This uncharacteristic behaviour of birds in captivity has caused a wide resonance. Consequently, the experts will have to work hard to further explore behavioral responses of swans.

Recall that sokyryanschyni in the village of Chimney man killed a Swan.

Earlier in the lake near Central Park in Vinnytsia increased Swan family. Now, in addition to the two adult birds, there was 6 of Lebeda.

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