Svetlana Loboda spoke about relations with Till Lindemann and unveiled the name of the youngest daughter

Svetlana Loboda spoke about relations with Till Lindemann and unveiled the name of the youngest daughter
Svetlana Loboda spoke about relations with Till Lindemann and unveiled the name of the youngest daughter
After months of speculation about who is the father of her youngest daughter, Svetlana Loboda … continues to intrigue fans! In a recent interview with HELLO! The 35-year-old singer frankly told both about her daughter and about her relationship with Rammstein’s 55-year-old soloist Till Lindemann, who is credited with the fatherhood of the star’s child.

Svetlana Loboda for a long time hid her second pregnancy (even many of the close circle of the artist did not know!), And after the birth of her youngest daughter was in no hurry to disclose to the public and her name. But at last the mystery ceased to be a secret: it’s Tilda!

The name of Loboda came up after the birth of the child, but still doubted until the last – it was necessary to make sure that the little girl that appeared was exactly right. After the “acquaintance” with her daughter all doubts fell away:

I really liked that name, and it was very symbolic. Tilda’s name is very strong, beautiful, and symbolic. When she was born, I looked at her and realized that she was like Tilda. She can not have a different name, it suits her perfectly. She is a bit like the heroine of Scandinavian fairy tales. Eyes, facial features, very meaningful, interesting look. She looks like a cartoon character,

– tells Loboda about her daughter.

And adds that Tilda is more like her father than her:

There is will power in it. Energy. And sadness in the eyes.

Tilda’s name is very similar to the name of the soloist of the group Rammstein, Till Lindemann, who is, in the opinion of many, the father of the child.

This novel was talked about last summer, when the network circled tender photos of the couple made at the festival “Heat” in Baku: Till was clearly fascinated by Svetlana, who turned his head in a couple of days.

Not surprisingly, when it became known about Loboda’s pregnancy, the fathers immediately recorded a German artist. Now, after such an unambiguous name chosen for the daughter, rumors multiply: Tilda is in honor of the pope, Internet users are sure.

Loboda herself answers all the questions in this respect evasively – and ambiguously:

It seems to me that any woman dreams that the father of her child was Till. I can say that he is a terrific man and just an incredible person. And about the artist, he knows the whole world. And it seems to me that the fact that my daughter’s name is Tilda is already a big carte blanche in life.

He is very caring. Incredibly talented. It seems to me that any person appears in our lives to teach us something. We must try to find all possible options in order to study people who are close and dear, to learn from them. Especially if they are older than you.

Lindemann, by the way, also does not hurry to tell how the situation is in reality – and does not refute, and does not confirm rumors of a love affair with the singer. However, gossip is the last thing that now excites the star. She is concentrated on work and daughters:

You know, I still can not realize that I am the mother of two children. It was a miracle, a gift of fate … My oldest daughter Eve (now married for seven years, with a choreographer and dancer, Andrei Tsarev) is already seven years old, and I’ve already forgotten how it happens when a child is born, . For the second month I have not slept – feeding, colic and other joys of motherhood. <...> Close people persuade to switch to artificial feeding, but I’m against it. I will do this as long as possible.

But through this all pass, we are not the first. Cope. But we have such a new miracle. Is not this happiness?

It’s interesting that Loboda also has time to lead a secular life – she visited several events at the World Cup 2018, making the guests happy with her performances. In the queue – concerts in the fall, to which the singer is actively preparing.

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