Suddenly: Prince Harry at school went mad on Halle Berry

Suddenly: Prince Harry at school went mad on Halle Berry
Suddenly: Prince Harry at school went mad on Halle Berry
Before meeting Megan, Markle Prince Harry was known as the main problem child in the British royal family. Trouble with him began as a teenager when he studied at a private school. However, despite his high position and media attention, he was just as much a teenager as all the other students, so there were posters in Harry’s room. The other day a British photographer who made a report about the life of the prince shared the shots that he made back in 2003: and one of the pictures shows a poster with Halle Berry!

When Prince Harry was 14 years old, he enrolled in a closed private school for boys – Eton College. He lived with the other students in the hostel. Interestingly, in different years here also studied actors Eddie Redmein and Tom Hiddleston. In the room that was given to the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, posters with favorite music bands and beautiful girls in bikinis were hung out in a typical manner for all teenagers, among which was suddenly Hollywood actress and “Bond girl” Halle Berry.

After the photos became available to the press, the star reacted to this unexpected discovery by publishing its answer on Twitter.

Okay, Prince Harry, I can see you!

– joked the actress.

And some fans immediately noted that Harry already was not indifferent to the mulattoes that are older than his age (obviously, this was not a very nice hint at the wife of Prince Megan Markle).

However, in addition to the photograph of Halle Berry, there is something else special in the prince’s room: a snapshot of his mother Princess Diana in a frame that stands in the most prominent place. Harry was always very attached to her and very seriously was experiencing her loss.

Recall, the Princess of Wales died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997. Diane was taken to Salpetriere Hospital, but the injuries were incompatible with life.

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