Study: cannabis helps with psychosis

Исследование: каннабис помогает при психозе

A new study published in the scientific journal JAMA Psychiatry, showed that cannabidiol – a chemical compound found in cannabis – may be an ideal drug against psychosis.

About this transfer

Currently, the main treatment of people diagnosed with psychosis includes the use of drugs, which were discovered in 1950. These drugs are not only very outdated form of assistance, but do not work for many sick people.

Meanwhile, the CBD has already proved its antipsihoticeski. This was confirmed by a 6-week clinical trials. It was shown that the organic chemical compound alleviates the symptoms of the disease and supports the action of other drugs. However, the neurological mechanisms of this action still remain uncertain.

The researchers studied 33 patients patients who have experienced psychotic episodes. 16 of them were selected to receive 600 mg of oral CBD, and the rest received a placebo. In addition, participants were also investigated using the technique of functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

It is shown that cannabidiol normalizes brain activity in the areas strongly associated with psychosis. In addition, no adverse effects of therapy has not been demonstrated. According to scientists, this is the final proof that the coupling can alleviate the symptoms of the disease should be developed on the basis of a new generation of drugs.

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