Strange shoes the singer shocked fans (PHOTO)

Странная обувь Ани Лорак шокировала поклонников (ФОТО)

The famous singer Ani Lorak, who recently aroused sympathy among fans, was again hit by a wave of criticism. As the artist is not trying, but her outfits always give users of your network questions.

This time Ani has published on his page in Instagram new photo, which poses in the elegant long jacket, showing off his toned legs.

Странная обувь Ани Лорак шокировала поклонников (ФОТО)

The image of the singer complements blue fancy shoes with sharp toe Balenciaga, which caused disagreements among subscribers that they are suitable to the style of the artist or not.

Thus lorac had quoted the parable of king Solomon in the caption to the picture: “Ponder the path of your steps and let your will be solid”.

“At first I thought that she was in medical Shoe covers”, “Beautiful! Only shoes large!”, “Shoes cartoon, ducks were such,” “I think shoes are not here, even If it’s the latest fashion, it does not mean that it suits you. Sometimes in the mirror to look at yourself”, “Cool shoes as Daisy duck stories”, “You are beautiful, but the shoes – no,” “the Smurfs,” “the galosh similar,” wrote in the comments of subscribers.

Earlier, the beauty Ani Lorak has once again divided fans into two camps.

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