Steep dive: passenger plane rushed down more than 150 meters due to pilot error

Крутое пике: пассажирский самолет несся вниз более 150 метров из-за ошибки пилота

In the UK the pilot of a Flybe airline flight made a mistake with the settings of the autopilot, and this has led to a sharp decrease of the aircraft, noted in a released on 8 November the official investigation report of the incident, which happened on January 11.

Reported by the BBC.

A passenger plane travelling from Belfast to Glasgow, abruptly lost altitude immediately after takeoff – he dived nose down more than 150 meters within 18 seconds.

On Board were 44 passengers and four crew members.

According to the report of the Department for investigation of aircraft accidents, once triggered alarm, the pilot corrected the error at a height of 283 meters above the ground.

The report stated that at a height of 411 meters the pilot of the plane Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 turned on the autopilot. When the height has reached 457 meters, the plane began a sharp decline, because the height sensor on the autopilot was set to zero meters.

The crew reported that they saw a land during its peak. The speed of the aircraft at this point was approximately 250 km/h.

60-year-old pilot responded to the alarm in the cab almost instantly and turned off the autopilot. The flight, as planned, was completed in Glasgow, other incidents were not.

Airline Flybe after the incident has revised the training on the simulators and added to the checklist.

On 11 November it was reported that the Boeing company is preparing a warning that a new aircraft model 737 Max can dramatically avoid peak when the data error in the monitoring system.

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