Spain judge a man for threatening to kill Prime Minister – news ZIK.UA

The Supreme court of Catalonia judges a man in September was arrested for online threats to kill the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. The man probably was mad at him for the intention to exhume the remains of Francisco Franco

Glavcom reported, citing France24.

В Іспанії судять чоловіка за погрози вбити прем’єра країни – новини ZIK.UA

The man probably was mad at him for the intention to exhume the remains of the former dictator of the country of Francisco Franco.

According to the press-Secretary of the court, 63-year-old resident of the city of Terrassa in Catalonia, was arrested in mid-September, immediately after the publication of threats in the network.

“During searches at his home was discovered the Arsenal, which strengthened suspicions about the reality of threats,” she said.

The court also added that the suspect had a gun permit.

In addition to “planning an armed attack on representative government”, he was charged with threatening murder, illegal possession of weapons, ammunition, explosives and the crime of hate.

According to the newspaper Publico, the man threatened to kill Sanchez because he was “furious at the Prime Minister’s intention” to exhume and rebury the former dictator of Spain Francisco Franco. He was buried in 1975 with the victims of the civil war of 1936-1939 in the “Valley of the Fallen” near Madrid.

The current Spanish Prime Minister and Socialist party leader Pedro sánchez has promised to conduct the exhumation as soon as he took office in June 2018.

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