Soviet dissident said, than the USSR is different from Russia today – news ZIK.UA

Natan Sharansky, a former Soviet dissident, and then a member of the government of Israel said, what is different from Soviet Russia today.

It is reported by HB.

Радянський дисидент розповів, чим СРСР відрізняється від нинішньої Росії – новини ZIK.UA

“In the Soviet Union was a huge and mighty Gulag KGB with the countless number of people who worked as informants. This is not now, and hopefully it was repaired. However, there is a huge retreat from democracy,” says the dissident.

According to Saranskogo, he would not draw an analogy between the USSR and the current Russia.

Natan Sharansky – assistant and translator of another famous human rights activist and scientist Andrei Sakharov, one of the initiators of the Moscow group to monitor observance of the Helsinki agreements on human rights, in 70-e years, Sharansky was sentenced for execution for treason and held in a Soviet prison for nine years.

He became a symbol of resistance to the Soviet system to the world. Large-scale demonstrations calling for the release Saranskogo happened in the US, Canada, Israel, European countries and became one of the harbingers of the crisis of the Soviet regime. Negotiations for the release of a dissident from the government of the USSR personally led the 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Released from prison and emigrated to Israel, Sharansky did in this country a brilliant political career, becoming in turn Minister of internal Affairs, trade and construction.

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