Since the beginning of the year, the budget fell short of UAH 93.6 billion – the chamber

С начала года бюджет недополучил 93,6 миллиарда гривен - Счетная палата

The volume of the failure of the plan of the income of the General Fund of the state budget since the beginning of 2018 growing.

About it reports a press-service of the accounting chamber.

In the first three quarters of this year, the amount of the failure to plan receipts General Fund of the state budget amounts to 93,6 billion, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber Valery Patskan.

“According to operational information of the State Treasury of Ukraine, revenues of the General Fund of the state budget less plan period 93.6 billion, or 11.1%,” – said Patskan.

He noted that the plan of General Fund revenues in January – September this year made 17.2 billion, or 2.8%.

Proceeds from borrowings amounted to 135,6 billion UAH, which is less than the plan’s reporting period by 66.5 billion (32.9 per cent). These revenues are obtained primarily from the placement of bonds of internal state loan.

At the same time, planned for the first quarter of this year, raising funds from external sources in the amount of UAH 56 bn, in August from the placement of short-term bonds of external state loan received 19.4 billion UAH (21.5% of the plan reporting period).

Recall the budget-2019 are not aimed at implementation of social programs, and the repayment gondola.

Next year’s budget is aimed not at the implementation of social programs and to repay state debt, said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Olexander Dolzhenkov.

“This government, this government are not subject to decision-making. They will take the requirements of the IMF. The IMF clearly said that it is necessary to raise tariffs for gas. There is a definite shortage. Somewhere every year 90 billion. This deficit goes to pay off the pension Fund, he goes to the international allocation of transfers to local budgets for provision of some social security programmes on grants. Last year was 70 billion this year – 55 billion Increase in gas prices, but reduced subsidies to the population. Symptomatic? Yes. About what it can speak? That the government promised to the population subsidies, then these subsidies and takes. Prices will rise, because without the tariff increase tranche, they will not see as their ears. And that they understand. Questions to raise tariffs for the population they are annoying. Not to fret. I must say honestly: “Guys, we can’t manage the economy, because it will be a complete collapse without IMF tranche, but for the receipt of IMF tranche have to raise rates”. But it honestly necessary to say, because it will be so” – said the Deputy.

According to Mr. Dolzhenkov, to increase the rates will be at least 20%.

“They say 20-25%. Originally the figure of 30%, now supposedly 25. But still, even if the increase by 20%, you at least lay this level of subsidies, which was last year. I repeat that last year was 70, now 55. That is, 20% they increase the price of gas and 20% reduce help from the state. About what it can speak? This suggests that the whole budget is aimed not at the implementation of social programs and to repay state debt. Last year on debt service (left – Ed.) 307 billion this year to 417 billion this is the basic concept of this budget. Open budget – and everything is clear where we are going. We are going to pay off the national debt,” he said.

At a secret government meeting, it was decided to set a new price for gas for the population 30 Oct.

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