Siberian scientists have called the most healthy fish

Сибирские ученые назвали самую полезную рыбу

In one of the lakes of the Taimyr Peninsula in the Arctic zone of Russia, Siberian scientists have found the most useful fish.

This was reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Fish-record the content of fatty acids was bogradski char. To get daily value of omega-3, eat just 30 grams of char.

The main habitat of the brook trout is the Arctic area of Siberia. So, to catch the healthy fish in one of the lakes of the Taimyr Peninsula.

Daily intake of omega-3 reduces the risk of premature death, and frees people from various age-related problems with psychological and physical health.

Also, October 16, Gosrybagentstvo with reference to the state statistics Committee announced that in 2017 Ukraine 12% increase in the consumption of fish and fish products.

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