Seven teams guaranteed to itself participation in League of Nations 2020 in the top division – news ZIK.UA

Сім команд гарантували собі участь у Лізі націй 2020 року в топ-дивізіоні – новини ZIK.UA

On Tuesday, October 16, there was a historic event for the national team of Ukraine on football, defeating the Czech national team (1:0), she became the first among the participants of the League of Nations In the division who received a place in the elite.

Now in the next cycle, the launch of which is scheduled for September 2020 and the final four in the top division – in June 2021, blue and yellow will play in the League A. Together with Ukraine such a right today got France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland, the official website of the FFU.

The two teams will be determined by the end of this tournament, in the League And (Netherlands or Germany, England or Croatia), and three more after the finish of the competition in the League (expect Russia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Wales and Denmark).

And in the nearest plans of the Ukrainian team – the last match in the group stage of the League of Nations with the team of Slovakia, which will be held on November 16 in Trnava, and a friendly match against Turkey on 20 November, a place which the FFU Executive Committee has chosen the Dnieper.

Hereinafter, the draw for Euro 2020

The formation of teams qualifying for the European championship in 2020 will take place on 2 December in Dublin. Before the draw 55 teams will distribute baskets. Before the so-called VIP basket UNL will include the group winners of the League And (this will allow the participants of the Final four to be placed in groups of five teams) before the first basket – six on the League of Nations teams. These 10 teams and will lead the qualifying group of Euro-2020. National teams in ranking in positions 11 through 20 will be included in the second basket, from the 21st to 30th – third, from 31 th to 40-th – four, from 41 th to 50 – up to fifth with 51 to 55 up to sixth.

Overall rating of League of Nations be calculated as follows: the group winners of the League And will have the numbers 1-4, the second team is 5-8, the third 9-12, the group winners League – 13-16, the second team is 17-20 like that. The best among those who will occupy identical places in the correspondence competition will be determined by points, goal difference, number of goals scored, number of goals scored away goals, wins, number of away wins, points and Fair Play, the UEFA coefficient.

The Ukrainian team occupies the 14th place in the rating (the first in their group and second overall in the League In Bosnia) and below 16 are not lowered. Thus, we already know that our team will be in the second basket.

We will remind that by the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee, Ukraine and Russia cannot be in the same group. Also included Ukraine into the list of countries in which the group may be no more than two on the so-called winter factor (in this group, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Russia).

The format and schedule for 2019

At the draw in the Irish capital will be formed 10 groups (five of five and five – six). The selection for Euro 2020 will be held 10 Windows from March to November 2019 (21-23 and 24-26 March, 7-8, and June 10-11, 5-7 and 8-10 September, 10-12 and 13-15 October, 14-16 and 17-19 November). Spots in the final tournament involving 24 teams get the two best teams each group. The fate of four vacancies will be decided in the play-offs of the League of Nations.

The playoffs of the League of Nations/Euro 2020 will be held on the Cup system (two semi-finals and finals). If the winner group of the League of Nations already qualified for Euro 2020 through the qualification of this tournament, his place in the playoffs is the next ranked team in the division. If there were at least four teams that can play in the play-offs, the permit is transmitted by a League below on the basis of the overall ranking in the League of Nations. Thus, in each of the four Devon the playoffs will be a winner, who will be a member of Euro-2020.

So, the national team of Ukraine, if not make it to Euro 2020 through qualification, has a fallback in the form of participation in the playoffs.

The draw for the playoffs will be held on 22 November 2019, the matches, 26-31 March 2020. The draw for the final tournament of the European championship scheduled for December 1, 2019.

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