Security services kidnapped people in Mongolia have discussed the return of citizens to their homeland media

Спецслужбы похищали людей: в Монголии обсудили возврат граждан на родину  - СМИ

Between the representatives of the intelligence agencies of Japan and North Korea in early October, held secret talks in Mongolia.

This was reported by the Agency Kyodo, citing government sources.

It is noted that from 6 to 8 October in Ulaanbaatar was found Shigeru Kitamura, responsible under the government of Japan for the business intelligence and Kim sung-Hye of United front work Department of the workers ‘ party of Korea, a body which deals with intelligence and information gathering in North Korea.

The theme of the meeting was the issue of repatriation of Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korean secret services in 1970-80 years and forcibly retained in this country, as well as questions of a possible summit between the leaders of Japan and North Korea.

Previous secret meeting of representatives of the intelligence agencies of Japan and North Korea took place in July in Vietnam. The intensification of contacts of representatives of special services of the two countries associated with the complexity of building bridges between ministries of foreign Affairs in the absence of diplomatic relations between Tokyo and Pyongyang.

Also we will remind that earlier the President Donald trump said that new summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN will take place after the midterm elections to the US Congress on 6 November.

Recall that French law enforcement authorities launched an investigation in connection with the disappearance of the President of the Interpol man Humvee.

The investigation began after reported missing by his wife who lives in Lyon, where the headquarters of Interpol.

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