Secrets of the perfect blonde Claudia Schiffer

Secrets of the perfect blonde Claudia Schiffer
Secrets of the perfect blonde Claudia Schiffer
August 25 is the birthday of the highest paid model of the 90’s Claudia Schiffer. We still admire not only the slender and well-dressed body of the famous German woman, but also her hair – her platinum curls are as dense and dazzling as they were twenty years ago. Together with the experts, we have prepared for you a beauty guide, which contains rules on how to keep a clean blond without treacherous yellowness.

Blond curls of 48-year-old supermodel Claudia Schiffer were regularly subjected to trials by wave and ruthless straightening, they were repeatedly discolored, stained and generously treated with styling means. However, the star was surprisingly able to maintain their strength and health. Whether this shock is completely natural, we can not judge, but even if it is not, it’s impossible to notice the catch!

Finding the right color blond is not so simple, but even harder, so that it eventually becomes faded and transparent, and even more so that jaundiced warm shades do not appear. Together with the creative partner of L’Oreal Professionnel Alexei Nagorsky and Western experts, we understand how to keep a clean blond.

A couple of words about her coloring: the color of her curls varies from natural light-brown to a single-tone color, without transitions, a golden blond, much less often cold. The natural base of the model at the level of 6-7 tone (dark or medium blond), it brightens up to 10-12 tone levels (very light blond hair). It is important to note that there is practically no visible root overgrown, even staining with slightly darker roots and lighter length look amazing. It is absolutely true that the model paints hair only in beauty salons, without resorting to home dyes. And she does it since the late 80’s, when there was not so much money that would help maintain the ideal quality of hair.

Remedies for colored hair should be the same brand as hair dye

I’m not sure that if you, having painted in the salon, buy a gamut for the colored hair of the brand from the mass market, you will achieve at least some result. Components that are contained in professional lines, perfectly combined with professional dyes of the same brands,

– says Alex. Remember that any colored hair (whether blond or other shade) is damaged hair whose structure is disturbed by the chemical action of the dye (the pigment is absent in blonde, other pigments are replaced with a dye in other stains), so they need special care. Use the products created specifically to maintain a shade of colored hair, and do not forget about nourishing masks and serums.

Wash your hair less often and with the right shampoo

Yes, it can be quite difficult to perform, but when you lighten your hair, they become dry, so washing them too often can do a disservice. Moreover, when you just dyed, wait a couple of days for the hair to restore the natural protective barrier,

– explains the colorist Rachel Bodt. Purple shampoo is what the doctor prescribed. Bodt recommends avoiding products containing alcohol (it draws moisture from the hair), parabens and sulphates.

Joe Blackwell, the owner of the salon and colorist in Dop Dop Salon, is sure that the color is affected even by the chemical composition of the water that you wash your hair. To neutralize the yellow shades, Joshua Rossignol, an international hairdresser and founder of the Rossi + King salon, recommends using shampoos with a purple pigment (you should not get involved, it’s better to use it only once or twice a week).

Unusual shade means explained the stylist and creative director of the London beauty salon Windle & Moodie Neil Moody. According to him, the formula of purple shampoo was developed in accordance with the hair color table, which has existed since the coloring appeared.

As when drawing or mixing colors, you need to use the opposite shade to neutralize the color. So, violet helps to fight with copper and yellow tones, but keeps the main color light.
Claudia Schiffer

Those who want to give hair a trendy now silver shade, the stylist and co-founder of Bleach London Alex Brownsell also prescribes purple shampoo.

Leave it on your hair a little longer than necessary. Pour a sufficient amount of shampoo onto dry hair, massage the scalp and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse your hair with water with silver shampoo and complete the procedure with a silver conditioner.
However, with a purple shampoo, you need to be careful. Sometimes it does not strengthen the blond, but works in the opposite direction, changing the color of the hair towards more gray or yellow.

Less often styling hair with hot tongs and ironing

It is better to avoid high temperature conditions when laying, try not to use ironing, and do not turn the hair dryer on full power. The high temperature destroys the pigment and damages the hair, and the bleached ones are already damaged. Ideally, let the locks dry naturally, and if you still use stylers, then do not forget about the thermal protection. Such means, first, form a protective film over the entire length of the hair and do not allow moisture to leave it when exposed to high temperatures. Secondly, these products include active substances and vitamins, which are activated by heating (which is quite logical). And finally, the thermal protection for the hair can perform an additional function and fix the hairstyle (and many manufacturers add an anti-static effect as a nice bonus).

Protect hair during staining

The first step to ensure that your hair does not become too dry is to protect them even when staining. Ask your colorist to use the pH-Bonder from Redken. The regenerating concentrate is applied immediately after staining the entire length. To maintain the effect of the salon service, the home care of the Post Service Perfector is necessary. It is recommended to use it once a week before shampooing. Apply to damp, lightly towel-dried hair. Massage the product from the roots to the tips. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. After that, proceed to the usual ritual of washing your head: shampoo, mask or conditioner.

Such manipulations will help restore the pH balance of hair during and after chemical procedures and strengthen the disulfide bonds inside the hair.

Protect locks from the sun, as well as chlorinated and salt water

Hats and kerchiefs are the best protection against ultraviolet rays, but it will not be superfluous to apply hair products with UV filters. Many blondes are afraid that after swimming in the pool, their hair can become a dubious green hue. In fact, there is certainly a risk that this will happen. If you wear a rubber cap – for you there is no way out, then use the conditioner before going to the pool or the sea, the product will create a barrier between your hair and salt (or chlorinated) water. After finishing the water procedures, rinse the hair as soon as possible.

Always apply oil (coconut, for example). on the hair before you go out into the sun. It will protect the color and deeply nourish the curls. If a green pod has appeared, then grind two aspirin tablets and add them to your shampoo. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which neutralizes alkali (chlorine) and eliminates unwanted shade,

– advises Christophe Roban.

Depending on your place of residence, the concentration of minerals in tap water can vary (if it has a lot of iron and chlorine, then the hair can get a greenish tint). The filter for the shower will save not only the curls, but also the skin.

General recommendations:

– salon service for colored hair once every two weeks;

– Gamma for colored / stylized hair, consisting of shampoo, mask, washable and not washable care;

– Nourishing hair mask;

– Nourishing shampoo and mask at least once a week.

Important: you can not restore colored hair, if they are severely damaged (neither salon services, nor your own at home), improperly selected means can only exacerbate the situation.

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