Secrets of skin care in the cold

Секреты ухода за кожей в холода

The age of the woman often gives state of her skin, because for each of the fair half of mankind so it is important to monitor its health, properly moisturize and clean. In the cold season, it’s not that simple – the skin is constantly peeling from wind and rain or snow, becomes dry, loses elasticity, and it “strips” all the small wrinkles and small defects, redness, etc.

For proper and safe hydration

Many women wonder why, when they constantly indulge the skin with a moisturizing creams and masks, it still looks tired and dehydrated.

“Continually use the same cosmetics is a huge mistake. The closer to winter, the more likely that skin type changes: it becomes dry sensitive and normal – dry. To peeling more likely, ironically, oily skin. And that you need to consider when choosing cosmetics. Do not forget that containing water makeup in the cold should be applied an hour before going outside, otherwise the skin will only suffer from such “care”, says beautician Tatyana Fast.

Fat “thick” cream late autumn and winter is necessary to the skin as protection and extra power, but it must be applied to the person not later than 40 minutes before you are going to get out of the house. After 10 minutes after application should get wet face cloth to remove excess cream.

Moisturizing cream is applied at night, but not before you go to work.

Perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin “popular” mask. Apply only to well-cleansed skin, avoiding eye area and lips.

“For dry skin salvation will be “light” hydrating mask from a tavern. It is necessary to grate the peeled zucchini on a grater, wring out slightly, and the flesh wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth. Such a “compress” is superimposed on the face for 20 minutes. This remedy not only moisturizes and tones the skin but also help it to quickly recover from the “stress” to improve metabolic processes,” – says the expert.

To restore the freshness to dehydrated skin will help sea buckthorn. Need about 2 tablespoons fresh juice of sea buckthorn – it wetted gauze or cosmetic swabs and apply it to the skin for 15-20 minutes.

Mature skin often experiences a significant lack of moisture, due to which it becomes a tired appearance, a gray shade. To cope with the problem will help the carrot mask. For its preparation take 1 tbsp. of cream, mix with 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp. fresh carrot juice, apply the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes. Before applying the Maxi the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with peeling, special cleanser suitable for your skin.

No peeling

Such a procedure as peeling, cold is not recommended. The skin and so is not easy, because to clean it be very careful, delicate cosmetics. For dry skin, beauticians recommend to choose a cosmetic cream and lotion. With combination and normal skin will have trouble since need 2 tools: oily areas of the face need to wipe by means of water-based and dry – lotions on the basis of fat or cream.

By the way, the skin was much weaker than in summer, and therefore protect it from UV rays needs at any time of the year. In the women’s cosmetic Arsenal should always be creams with SPF, to apply them, as well as any other, you should not before going on the street and in advance.

Especially important is such protection in Sunny or snowy weather.

Forget about the hot tub

In addition to frost, wind, rain or snow, very negative in its impact as any heaters and Central heating. Without the latter, of course, does, but if it is possible to do without additional heating – your skin will thank you as it lowers the humidity, the moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin. In order to reduce the impact of batteries and heaters, regularly moisturize the air in the room. It is better to buy a special device, however, there “Babushkin” method – put on the battery with a damp cloth. It is also useful to make a home a lot of plants, and near them to arrange beautiful decorative jars with water and, for example, with multi-colored stones.

“Very dry skin hot tubs. Ruthlessly hot water dries the skin, it loses elasticity and begins to peel off. Because in the winter, try to give preference to the soul, and not hot, but warm water,” advises the specialist.

Add vitamins

“Daily diet directly affects the appearance. And no matter how much you watered, fed and vitaminiziruet the skin, if you abuse alcohol and sweet drinks, eating fast foods, and dinner sandwiches, neither of which beauty can be no question. A comprehensive approach is needed”, – the expert assures.

To improve the appearance of the skin, should eat lots of vegetables, fruits and herbs to nourish the skin from within vitamins. Should drink plenty of pure water to the skin to the natural moisturizing.

Of course, to nourish the skin with vitamins we need and externally. And this does not have to buy expensive tools, homemade masks are not less effective.

“For oily skin you can prepare a mixture of grams of dry yeast and grated on a fine grater fresh horseradish, add a little cream or whole milk. The resulting mass is put on face for 15-20 minutes, then gently wash off with warm water.

For problem skin rubs 10 g of yeast, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and the same of warm water. Apply for 20 minutes and carefully wash off with warm water.

Such prepared mask and for normal skin: 10 g of yeast mix with a couple teaspoons of warm milk. Or the same amount of yeast with the juice of half a lemon.

If you have dry skin will help mask of tablespoons of dry yeast Creamed with olive oil. Apply a thick layer and hold until the mixture is dry,” shared the recipes specialist.

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