Seal or Poseidon: Near the beach in California noticed a humanoid creature in the water (VIDEO)

Тюлень или Посейдон: Возле пляжа в Калифорнии заметили человекоподобное существо в воде (ВИДЕО)

Users of networks are actively discussing the video, published by the California resident. American captured on camera humanoid creature in the water while walking on the beach.

It is reported portal of The Sun.

The incident occurred in the city of Huntington beach, as well as the author of the story said that I was a bit scared when she noticed the paw of this creature with webbed feet, sticking out on the surface of the water. Then the inhabitant of the underwater depths decided to show itself in all its glory, hitting the witness bald head and unusual facial shape.

Many users began to talk of mermaids or other mythical creatures, unknown to science. Skeptics assumed it was a large seal, and the adherents of the legends referred to Poseidon, who decided to look at people.

We will remind, some time ago on the YouTube channel “MrMBB333”, which is conducted by ufologist Michael from Arizona, there was interesting footage. Mysterious has fotoprikoly the expert woman, who wished to remain anonymous.

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