Scientists want to test on humans a vaccine for a dangerous disease

Ученые хотят испытывать на людях вакцину от опасной болезни

Shingles vaccine may be available within the next five years, according to scientists. During the experiments, they protected monkeys from becoming infected with this incurable virus, sexually transmitted diseases.

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Scientists have taken a significant step forward in the search for vaccines against herpes, and they claim that this drug can enter clinical practice over the next five years. Two American University ready to test his vaccine on humans. In the experiments with animals, the drug has protected Guinea pigs and monkeys from one of the most common viruses on the planet. This vaccine targets genital herpes, a common sexually transmitted infection. However, the drug may also work against regular herpes caused by a slightly different strain.

Both teams of scientists to protect animals from new infections of the virus HSV-2 is the strain causing genital herpes. The researchers claim that their discovery has enormous potential in containing the incurable virus. According to conservative estimates, its speakers is one in six adult. Herpes simplex virus spreads through skin contact, it often causes painful blisters and sores in the genital area or mouth people, when there are periods of exacerbations. Once a person is infected with this virus, he goes into the dormant state and remains in the nerves. However, the occasional aggravation.

Previously, scientists tried to develop vaccines against herpes, but they were all unsuccessful. And now this drug, apparently, appeared. At least half a billion people already faced with the herpes virus. Note that the presence of this virus makes the chances of Contracting HIV during sex is higher.

Meanwhile, Ukraine were the leaders in terms of the spread of HIV in Europe.

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