Scientists have uncovered the mystery of black holes in the Universe

Ученые раскрыли тайну черных дыр во Вселенной

Astronomers believe that the parallel jets are one of the most compelling evidence that a supermassive black hole lurks at the heart of most galaxies. Some of these black holes look active, as absorbed material from its surroundings and emit jets at ultra-high speeds, while others are at rest or even sleep.

This writes rwspace.

Recent observations of the SOFIA — Stratospheric Observatory infrared astronomy, shed some light on this question. SOFIA data show that the magnetic field seize and hold the dust near the center of active galaxy Cygnus A and serves the material into a supermassive black hole at its center. The illustration process-based telescope data provided on the official website of NASA.

The concept of the artist, depicting this process is the fact that Adra Cygnus A there is a rich environment of cosmic dust, also called a torus, and jets emanating from the center of the nucleus. Magnetic fields are also shown in this image, they make the dust in the torus.

These magnetic fields help the black hole hidden at the galactic core, to keep the dust within the torus and to fit it to the black hole for subsequent absorption.

Informed American scholar Frans Pretorius and William East of the canadian determined that black holes can occur absolutely anywhere in the Universe.

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