Scientists have solved the mystery of when is the best time to have children

Ученые раскрыли тайну, когда лучше всего рожать детей

The health of the baby depends on the age of his parents.

With such statistics, released by the prestigious British newspaper the Daily Mail.

“If a woman gives birth after 40 years, there is a high risk of genetic disease. First of all it is connected with down syndrome,” says obstetrician-gynecologist Serhiy Baksheyev.

The doctors claim that men can plan for children at least 60 years. The age of the father on the child’s health is not affected, in contrast to the way of life that he leads.

But women better not to pull with it because the biological clock is ticking. Therefore, doctors recommend to catch up to 35 years. If later, then monitor the pregnancy more carefully.

“You need very early to become on the account in female consultation because you have a greater risk of miscarriage and premature birth”, – said Sergei Baksheev.

Psychologists believe that the ideal age for the birth of the child does not exist. In 20, and in 40 years can give birth to healthy babies and live happily ever after. As long as the child was cherished and grew in harmony.

Earlier Exactly the woman experienced a severe labor, which was maimed her baby, who is now dying.

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