Scientists have found water in the rings of Saturn

Ученые обнаружили воду в кольцах Сатурна

Scientists made the discovery using a new method for remote determination of isotopic ratios of carbon dioxide and water. In the rings of Saturn and the surrounding moons, the water composition is the same as on Earth. The exceptions were the irregular satellite Phoebe.

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With new methodology have provided data that questioned the accepted theory about the formation of cosmic bodies. Deuterium (D/H) is generated in the process of accession of the neuron to the hydrogen atom. Due to this, the mass of the molecule increases by 5%. Changes in the molecule lead to isotopic differences in the creation of the celestial bodies. it is believed that in cold interstellar clouds D/H is the most common.

It was assumed that the ratio of deuterium and hydrogen on Saturn is 10 times greater than on Earth. Now, however, this theory is refuted because the values were almost the same. A curious exception was Phoebe, the value of carbon isotopes was 5 times more than the adjacent satellites. Scientists suggest that the reason for its origin. Most likely, Phoebe was formed far areas of the system, later it was extended to the orbit of Saturn. Scientists suggest that studying the Phoebes will fill gaps in knowledge about the emergence of remote cosmic bodies.

Previously, scientists analysed data obtained with the automatic interplanetary station Cassini and found that Saturn absorbs your ring.

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