Scientists have explained the appearance of a mysterious object near the milky Way – news ZIK.UA

Astronomers from the U.S. and Spain, explained the origin of the mysterious object Segue 1, which orbits around the milky Way.

As reported ZN.UA with reference to Science Alert, the object was first discovered in 2006, but until now researchers did not have a clear understanding of what it is, and as it turned out in this region.

Вчені пояснили появу таємничого об’єкту біля Чумацького Шляху – новини ZIK.UA

The luminosity of Segue 1 is equal to the total luminosity of 300 Suns, which is very small for typical globular clusters. According to researchers, it can be spiral dwarf galaxy. Segue 1 has a low content of metals, which may indicate that the galaxy is very old and formed before the appearance of heavy metals in the Universe.

In the study, researchers found that Segue 1 rotates around the milky Way for 600 million years, according to the researchers, this means that it is rather a galaxy, which came under the gravitational influence of the milky Way than a spherical cluster.

However, a clear answer to the question of how the object appeared in the region, researchers have not yet. But they offered two possible options. The first of them, less likely, is that Segue 1 was the satellite of another galaxy that collided with the Milky Way 12 billion years ago that led to the estrangement of the object. However, scientists can not identify Segue 1 are known to one collision in the past of our galaxy.

The second scenario-which, according to scientists, is the most likely, is that Segue 1 was “travelling on his own”, while eight billion years ago does not come under the gravitational influence of the milky Way.

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