Scientists call unexpected cause earthquakes in Alaska

Ученые назвали неожиданную причину землетрясения на Аляске

The end of humanity could occur for various reasons: the fall of a meteorite, volcanic eruption, epidemics, famine, war and other misfortunes. But the worst flooding.

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After a series of aftershocks in Alaska with a magnitude of 7.2, the authorities declared a state of emergency because of the threat of a powerful tsunami. The government urgently take the necessary emergency measures to protect citizens from natural disasters. Involved submarines are ready helicopters, airplanes and other machinery. It might even seem that the situation is under control. But it’s not, say conspiracy theorists.

Many experts have linked the earthquake with unexplained oceanic roar, which was recently clearly audible under the water even without any special equipment. Even people that are not related to Geology, of course – there is something strange, frightening and overwhelming. Unfortunately, according to the historians of esotericism, so is described one of the visions of the famous clairvoyant from Bulgaria Vanga. She warned that a terrible disaster would come upon the Earth from the ocean. She said that the water will make sounds which are not heard of the man, and then the two elements will come together on Earth – fire and water.

Likely developments, according to experts, now it looks that way. The earthquake will affect the “ring of fire” in the Pacific ocean, which will lead to volcanic activity first on the coasts of both Americas, and then Wake up the volcanoes of Northern Europe and East Asia. After that, no one can deny that the Apocalypse comes and humanity’s days are numbered. The Earth will converge, tsunami and lava. They will end our world.

According to recent estimates ufologists, the Apocalypse will come on December 16. This date is considered “appropriate” for global catastrophe because from the winter solstice it takes exactly 6 days. This figure people never did not bring anything good, say some historians. Especially since this is also the beginning of a new stage of purification for the Earth according to the ancient legend of the Hurons. Scientists have refuted this assumption, reassured that there was no danger to the Earth from space is not threatened.

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