Russian political scientist: it Is believed that Putin wants to get the status of the Holy – news ZIK.UA

Російський політолог: Є думка, що Путін понад усе мріє отримати статус святого – новини ZIK.UA

Basically, Vladimir Putin’s statement about the possibility of using nuclear weapons and the destruction of the Russian people as martyrs – the usual hysteria. However, there is a view that he wants to be canonized and receive the status of a Saint.

This broadcast of information-analytical project “the First about the main thing. Comments” on the TV channel ZIK was told by the Russian scientist Alexander Sytin.

He stressed: tell us about the reaction of Russian society to Putin’s statement about the possible use of nuclear weapons is quite difficult.

“But it was the second statement of the Russian President. His first words about “why you need a world in which Russia will not be”. Actually psychologically interesting processes occur in the top of the Russian government. First, the government has exhausted almost all possibilities to influence the international foreign policy situation,” – says the expert.

The second important point he calls the fact that when important role in the minds of Vladimir Putin and Russian social life, plays Orthodoxy, the recent developments around the UOC inflict a significant blow to this position.

“The third point: since the corridor of opportunity narrowed, it is, in fact, the last argument is the use of nuclear weapons. And I think the Russian government understands that when the world realize that Russia is not ready to use nuclear weapons, it will cease to be considered a subject of international relations”, – said Alexander Sytin.

The Russians will buy oil and gas and to sign various agreements. However, to influence the international situation the Russian Federation can no longer.

“Hence such threats. I don’t believe that today Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons or, especially, ready-to-global conflict. Moreover, I do not believe in popular support, political off or people’s militia. This attitude, which was typical during the great Patriotic war”, – said the analyst.

Therefore, he believes that on the one hand, Vladimir Putin’s statement about using nuclear weapons – the usual hysteria. And there are some interesting observations.

“I nastavna communicated with his friends, very well educated in theology. He suggested that Putin or during the life or after the death wants to canonization and status of a Saint. And no wonder it is said that the glory associated with martyrdom,” – said the expert.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “in case of aggression” Russia will respond with a nuclear strike. And the Russians themselves will go to heaven as martyrs.

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