Russian pensioner smashed with a hammer Playground (VIDEO)

Российская пенсионерка разгромила молотком детскую площадку (ВИДЕО)

In the Rostov region the pensioner destroyed with a hammer Playground. The mayhem perpetrated by the pensioner, captured on camera outraged locals.

About it reports information portal of Shakhty

The heroine of this movie, known as “Baba Nina” randomly splits the structures at the Playground, getting a tool for trying to prevent her housemate. According to the pensioner, the parents not watching the kids in the yard who play with a knife on the court. She claims that one of the children’s author video “took a knife” in an aggressive grandson of the pensioner. The” Baba Nina” raising two grandchildren.

As it turned out, the Playground was built by the efforts of enthusiasts. “My husband works for rich people, which for my kids has made a new Playground, but from the old left beautiful elements in the form of children’s locks. So my husband brought them to our street, set for the children played, ran around, and were on the front of the parents. To our kids it was at least something positive”, told the story of the site Natalia. She added that the couple never prohibited the use of the Playground for all children living on the street.

It soon became clear the true causes of the destruction of the site. On a vacant plot of land daughter, “Baba Nina” was to Park the car. “If a neighbor approached us and said she had to put the car, we would have solved this issue in a peaceful way and moved like a Playground”, — said Natalia.

Rostov police organized a check on the fact posted in the media of video, has told RIA Novosti in GU MVD of Russia in the region.

Earlier in Odessa pensioner fought off police with a stick.

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