“Roscosmos” the reasons for their failures have named Elon musk, sanctions and Ukraine – news ZIK.UA

«Роскосмос» причинами своїх невдач назвав Ілона Маска, санкції та Україну – новини ZIK.UA

Russian state Corporation “Roskosmos” has published a report on its activities in 2017. The document States as about the company’s achievements and its failures.

So, in 2017 the company managed “to preserve the leading positions of Russia on the world market of space launches. In this she is second only to the United States. In addition, the completion of the first stage of the cosmodrome “East” and the beginning of the development of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-5,” writes Esquire.

The document is also attached table, which shows the failure of the company and their justification. For example, the plan of the company in 2017 the share of Russian exports of missile and space technology was supposed to make up almost a quarter (24.5 per cent) of the world, but in fact it amounted to only 8.5%. Out of 25 planned rockets, Roscosmos was able to run in 2017, only 21 (four of them for the Ministry of defense of Russia). While in the US launched 29.

Among the reasons for failure indicators “Roscosmos” refers to sanctions that Russia can not buy high-quality space equipment, as well as the disruption of Ukrainian producers, who three times has delayed delivery of components and production of the launch vehicle.

Not without mentioning Elon musk. Roskosmos believes that private space companies like SpaceX entering the market “with the assistance of the state,” provide services at “dumping prices”.

As reported, “Roskosmos” will refuse from the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” that crashed on October 11.

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