Residents of the Swiss village will pay 2.6 thousand dollars a month just so

Жителям швейцарской деревни будут платить 2,6 тысячи долларов в месяц просто так

In the small Swiss village of Rheinau, with a population of 1300 people will conduct an experiment, which for many is a dream. Local residents will pay £2 million (more than 2,6 thousand dollars) per month as basic income regardless of their employment.

It is reported by The Sun.

More than half of residents Rheinau which is situated near the border with Germany, agreed to the experiment. Given the cost of living in Switzerland, the amount is small. The cashier grocery in Basel, working 42 hours a week, earns about 3.5 thousand francs a month.

Two years ago in a referendum the majority of Swiss voted against the idea, but now decided to experiment in a separate village. The initiator was the Director Rebecca Panian. The amount of the payment will range from £490 to £1970 depending on the age of the recipient.

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