Removal of inviolability from the administration could make him a strong candidate for the post of President of Ukraine – analyst

Снятие неприкосновенности с Вилкула могло сделать его сильным кандидатом на пост президента Украины - политолог

If in October 2018, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of Alexander Vilkul, he would have become a popular candidate for President of Ukraine on the elections of 2019.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said political analyst Sergey Bykov.

“If now removed parliamentary immunity with the administration, it would have added to his popularity, rating, potential candidate from the South-East for the post of President of Ukraine. If the administration was deprived of parliamentary immunity, it would have shown Villabella opposition towards the government than the leader of the “opposition bloc” Boyko”, – says the analyst.

S. Bykov added that, in his opinion, the Parliament understands that the removal of immunity from the administration would show to the public that the authorities began to pursue him.

“They, I think, did not want to give additional bonuses Vilkul in the electoral context. This means that if the government violates his parliamentary immunity, it is an indication that the government is after him. But if the government pursues a potential candidate for President from the opposition, it confirms his opposition and, accordingly, magnifies it in the eyes of the electorate and gives an opportunity to expand the electorate,” – said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that on October 16, the Verkhovna Rada has not supported the submission of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko on lifting the parliamentary immunity of a member of the faction of the Opposition bloc Alexander Vilkul. “For” vote of 137 deputies. That is, the decision is not adopted because not enough votes. After lunch, the Parliament will consider the removal of inviolability from another member of the “opposition bloc” Dmitry Kolesnikov.

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