Recalculation of pensions in Ukraine: Who and how will change payments

Пересчет пенсий в Украине: Кому и как изменят выплаты

Ukrainians in retirement will recalculate pensions from March 1, 2019. To take into account will be updated wage rate (it will increase to half inflation and half of the wage growth). In addition, next year will also increase payments to working military retirees.

This is stated in the adopted amendments to the law “On compulsory state pension insurance”, reports the observer.

So, from April 1 will automatically recalculate the pensions of all working Ukrainians, given that their experience has increased. This will select the most favorable conditions of the conversion: only based on insurance or given insurance period and earnings.

From 1 January 2019, the recalculated payments in the military. If you have 20 years of experience, the retired soldier is entitled to 50% of their salary, police officer – 55%. For each year of service over 20 years the pension is increased by 3%. This pension cannot be below the minimum or above 70% of salary.

The older military retiree, the more obsolete his pension. The fact that wages are rising each year, but pensions were raised disproportionately to the growth of wages. Now all military retirees offered to help with the “modern” salaries for jobs that they occupied. The increase will be broken into three stages. In 2018, the military received 50% of the required increase in 2019 – 25%.

Earlier it was reported that, according to the draft budget, every Ukrainian in 2019 their taxes will be given to the funding of the Pension Fund deficit of almost 4 thousand UAH. The total deficit of $ 166 billion.

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