Real art: Timothy Shalame in the paintings of great classics

Real art: Timothy Shalame in the paintings of great classics
Real art: Timothy Shalame in the paintings of great classics
22-year-old Timothy Shalame, who this year became one of the main promising actors and contenders for the best actor in the film “Call Me by His Own Name”, appeared on the horizon quite recently. Now he participates in filming for numerous magazines, reads rap, is accepted into the pool of film academics and becomes a hero of the paintings of great masters.

Fans of Shalame have created an account in Instagram, in which they publish photo-works of famous artists. Thanks to their active work, the actor appeared on the pictures “Caravaggio boy with a fruit basket”, “Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson”, John William Waterhouse’s “Lady of the Shallots”, “Essey, Ruby and Ferdinand, the children of Asher Wertheimer” John Singer Sargent and others canvases. His face was even inserted into the famous sculpture of David Michelangelo!

Recall that the actor began with a drama circle, and then began to appear more often on secondary roles, for example, in the film “Interstellar”, where he appeared in the image of his son Matthew McConaughey. But the real success he brought the film of the Italian director Luca Guadagnino “Call me by his name,” Shalame played the protagonist of the teenager Ellio, experiencing the first great love.

Recently it also became known that he will take part in the filming of a new painting by Denis Villeneuve “Dune” – a remake of a fantastic film of 1984. Then in the director’s chair was David Lynch, and the main role was performed by his permanent actor Kyle McLachlan. Villeneuve admitted that he will rely on the original text of the novel by Frank Herbert, who formed the basis of this story.

Also Shalame finished shooting in Woody Allen’s new film “Rainy Day in New York.” The director was again in the center of the scandal, and the mom of the actress Selena Gomez said that she was categorically against her daughter taking part in this project. Other actors involved in the film, including Shalame himself, refused to accept the fee and poured it for charity.

This month, the actor can also be seen in the crime drama “Hot summer nights,” in which he plays a young man who has fallen in love with a drug dealer’s sister. Passion Shalame in the film was played by actress Mike Monroe.

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