Rabinovich: the IMF do not care, will survive the Ukrainians after the tariff increase, if only to repay a debt

Рабинович: МВФ плевать, выживут ли украинцы после повышения тарифов, – лишь бы отдали долги

The government finally sold the International monetary Fund, raising gas prices by 23.5%.

This opinion in the next issue of the author’s project “who is Who Rabinovich,” the TV channel “112 Ukraine” stated the people’s Deputy and leader of the political party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

Note that the Cabinet on Friday, 19 October, decided to increase from 1 November the price of gas for the population is 23.5%. The increase in gas prices is a condition for the IMF to provide Ukraine the next tranche.

“I believe that the Ukrainian government completely sold out to the IMF, raising gas prices by 23.5%. Want to explain for everyone to understand why the Fund insisted on increase of tariffs. The IMF does not share with our oligarchs: the Fund earns separately, and the oligarchs. IMF is only interested in the repayment of debts. Before him, the debtor is Ukraine, and how to take duty at the unemployed of the country, where the government did not develop? From the population. And die these people are or what will happen to them – that the IMF cares! But it should be interested in normal power,” – said the MP.

According to him, the gas which is extracted from people’s bowels, in the end, people sell several times more expensive cost.

“We are going to pay European tariffs. Such as the Europeans – the poles, the British, the Italians. But wages have less at times! I basically can’t understand how now people will survive. By all accounts, the pensioner will have to pay 80%, 90% and sometimes 120% of his pension only for communal. And all those subsidies become more ephemeral. People will come to the auditors and to look at hungry kids and an empty fridge. If a man once in your life go to the cinema, he has also taken away the right to a subsidy,” – said the MP.

The politician believes that acting in favor of the IMF, the current government has brought the situation in the country is critical.

“At the behest of the IMF power in the country kills the most indigent class of pensioners. How is it that the person who honestly worked, receives a salary that is incompatible with life? How is it that all these great standing next to Poland and Romania who went to us for food are now the Ukrainian dream, which tend to leave on earnings? All this you will need to think on election day and vote according to conscience, the mind, “For life”, – said Wadi

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