Rabinovich: the Economic strategy of the party “For life” will lead the country out of the crisis

Рабинович: Экономическая стратегия партии «За життя» выведет страну из кризиса

The party “For life” together with leading experts developed an economic strategy that will bring Ukraine out of crisis.

This was stated by the leader of the party, the people’s Deputy Vadim Rabinovich in his column on “RBC-Ukraine”.

“The purpose of the party is to build a strong, wealthy and prosperous Ukraine. For this we have created an extensive economic program “Ukrainian dream”. We want to build Ukraine, about which our ancestors dreamed, dream contemporaries, and where they want to live our children and grandchildren”, – stated in the material.

Under this program, a new economic model of Ukraine will be based on three pillars: the banking system, agriculture and high-tech. The government should exempt small and medium businesses from any inspections and to ease credit conditions by reducing interest on loans for the development of private business.

“Also, the law on banks should eliminate the concept of “broken Bank”. If the Bank “lost or disappeared”, the state is obliged to pay the depositor his money during the day,” writes Rabinovich.

In his opinion, it is also necessary to resolve the issue of land in the state. It is necessary to create a national land Bank, whose mission – to take holdings in the lease of Ukrainian and foreign farmers on a long term basis.

“It is in any case can not allow the government to sell the land, as required by the IMF, otherwise we will lose the country”, – the politician considers.

In addition, according to him, Ukraine needs to move away from the commodity model of the economy and to pay special attention to the development of high-tech fields and emerging technologies, the return of young professionals who leave the country and work abroad.

“We need to create clusters of space and cities to attract young professionals. The way high-tech is the way of higher technologies, and therefore the way of the future. If you drive abroad latest professionals in this field, we will forever be stuck in the twentieth century with pitchforks and shovels in hand,” reads the column.

To achieve these goals, the party leader “For life” considers it necessary first of all to fight corruption. According to Vadim Rabinovich, corruption can be reduced by 70%, banning state-owned companies to work with offshore companies.

“Second – if the winning party forms an economic bloc, the opposition takes control of security agencies. Then one can follow the other. Third – to introduce the election of judges. Today the judicial system of Ukraine is fully controlled by the President. We must return to the system of election of judges and the right to their opinion”, – the politician writes.

In foreign policy, Rabinovich proposes to rely on “only Pro-Ukrainian interests,” neutrality and non-alignment of Ukraine. In his opinion, Western countries still need to maintain good relations, but to show firmness and pragmatism.

“Because of the war we suffered huge losses – we are obliged to provide loans at zero rate to recover our territories. This debt, which clocked us over the years, let make the delay of 40-50 years, if you do not want us defaulted”, – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.

We will remind, Vadim Rabinovich presented the program of the party “For life” on July 25 in a live TV channel NewsOne.

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