Putin’s security forces ordered for the Russians a large batch of “soft” news ZIK.UA

It became known that the interior Ministry bought a batch of handcuffs under the name of BOS “Tenderness” for the sum over 26 million roubles.

It is reported by an Apostrophe with reference to Russian media.

Силовики Путіна замовили для росіян велику партію «ніжності» – новини ZIK.UA

By 20 December the Russian police will get 28.6 thousand sets of “soft” barefoot cuffs (bracelets operational special) worth is 26.37 mln (the cost of one set with the case is 922 RUB.).

In the description of the product stated that it intended “to limit the freedom of movement of the person that commits unlawful acts”. The cuffs are designed for 5 thousand cycles of operation (circuit).

In the description of the product, among other things, referred to by its name, is not rendered in the catalog: the BOSS “Tenderness” (among the characteristics is “immediate actuation of the locking mechanism upon impact of BOS “Tenderness” on the wrists”).

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