Pujdeme not going to leave Germany – European expert

Пучдемон не станет покидать Германию – европейский эксперт

The former head of Catalonia Carles Putteman, which the court of German Federal land Schleswig-Holstein recently officially refused to extradite to Spain, will remain in Germany in the foreseeable future will not leave the country.

This personal opinion in the comments correspondent was ГолосUAвыразила European political columnist Marie Pudemo.

According to her, despite a court ruling in Germany, as well as the intention of the Spanish judge Pablo Llarena to withdraw the resolution on arrest policy, there is a real risk that on arrival home K. Pujdeme will be delayed.

“It is not excluded that in the near future in Madrid will find a legal loophole and perekvalificirovat the accusations against him, – said the analyst. In this case, the prison he can not escape”. As stressed by M. Pudemo, at the moment the Federal Republic of Germany, which stopped all proceedings against K. Pokdemon is policy “the safest place in Europe.”

We will remind, the former head of Generalitat of Catalonia, which the Spanish authorities accused of separatism and embezzlement of public funds, was arrested by German justice on March 25 of this year on the way from Finland to Belgium.

Subsequently, the court of Schleswig-Holstein did not find sufficient grounds for extradition K. Pokdemon on charges of treason. In turn, the Spanish justice has refused demands to extradite him, finding insufficient evidence to convict policy of corruption.

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