Prosecutors in the US have linked trump with violations of the law Cohen – news ZIK.UA

Прокурори у США пов’язали Трампа з порушеннями закону Коеном – новини ZIK.UA

Prosecutors in new York said the representation to the court in the case of former counsel to trump, Michael Cohen, the latest in the election campaign of the USA in 2016, the year twice made illegal cash payments, performing the tasks assigned to him by his client Donald trump.

About it reports Radio Freedom.

The new York district attorney asked the court to sentence Michael Cohen, a former lawyer, U.S. President Donald trump, a significant term of imprisonment and a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, which include payments star “adult movie” hush money in the interests of Donald trump, and tax evasion by Cohen.

The public Prosecutor in new York said that Cohen “coordinating their actions and when acting on the request” trump organized payouts to two women who claimed to have had an intimate relationship with Donald trump in 2006-m to year. The US President denied that he had had such relationships with these women.

The Prosecutor’s office in the representation of (trump’s name is not called directly, but served the context leaves no doubt that we are talking about the President – ed.) before the court alleges that Cohen paid for exclusive rights to publish stories of the two women (the publication did not take place) in order to allow publicity on the eve of the US presidential elections of 2016. The amount of one payment (130,000 dollars) were later reimbursed to the priest from the accounts of the election campaign trump than has been violated electoral law of the United States.

It should be noted that the data from the submission of the prosecution in new York was previously known to the public. The White house said that the submissions did not reveal new previously unknown facts. The President of the United States Twitter also noted that he considers this view to justify himself. Perhaps the President was referring to the fact that the promulgated information does not contain any facts, which concerned the alleged conspiracy of his staff with the Russian government in the elections of 2016.

“Fully justifies the President! Thank you!” said trump on Twitter yesterday after the publication of the public Prosecutor of new York in the cases of Cohen and special U.S. attorney Mueller on Manafort.

Trump’s critics were quick to point out that the public Prosecutor of new York directly link the President with violations of the law on the part of Cohen.

“That’s just the Prosecutor’s office claims that you coordinated with the priest and ordered him to commit two crimes. Outside the fact of course is justified” – poironizirovat online George Conway, the famous American public critic of the President.

Supporters of trump questioned the logic of Conway and other critics of the President of the United States who equate the fact of violation of the law Cohen to participate in the violation of the law the Donald trump. They say that Cohen had violated the law, fulfilling the wishes of his client, does not mean that the client requested him to be a lawyer a task in illegal way.

“Cohen was a lawyer. If the client asks him to solve the case, and such a petition is legitimate, and that this is the work of a lawyer, Cohen had to do it legally”, – tto radio host John Cardillo.

As previously reported, trump criticized the testimony of the former head of the FBI Komi

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