Prophetic dreams: American saw in a dream his victory in the lottery and the next day won $1 million – news ZIK.UA

Віщі сни: Американець побачив у сні свою перемогу у лотереї і наступного дня виграв $1 млн – новини ZIK.UA

52-year-old American resident of Maryland won the lottery one million dollars, on the eve of seeing a prophetic dream about winning.

The man saw in a dream a happy symbol, and woke up with the feeling that he will win the lottery “big money”, so I decided to visit the Convenience store Crescent in the city of Bethesda, where he bought a lottery scratch ticket.

As reports UPI, part of the winning male is going to spend on the education of son in College, and the remaining money is kept for savings.

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